About Us

Hi, I’m Chris, and this is AntiqueRadio.shop

I’m in the process of putting everything together, so stay tuned.

The Human

In 2011 I was given a few old antique vacuum tube radios from a delinquent storage unit. I set out to get these things working again, what having an Engineering Physics BS and IT dude it should be pretty simple, right?

That set me on the path of being an Antique Radio Enthusiast. And here we are. I will fill this in with more details later, but today I’m just trying to get the site up and running.

The Craft

I find bringing these ancient (and not-so much so) relics back to life to be a very rewarding pastime. There’s something about taking something very old, and quite obviously dead, maybe mangled in some way… and restoring it to its intended funciton, and if possible, its intended appearance.

I personally “go through” each radio I sell, replacing any obviously bad components and any that look dodgy. Each radio or repair work is warranted for 90 days from the time its in your hands. I will repair any “naturally occuring” issue during this time at no additional cost to you, save shipping it to me.

I do what I can with the appearance as well, giving each radio a thorough cleaning inside and out, and replacing broken or missing knobs, grill cloth, etc.