Zenith Royal 15

Vintage 1968 Zenith Royal 15 Transistor Radio - Mid Century Modern Nostalgia

SOLD This little guy I found hiding in a corner of a local thrift store. Got him home, cleaned him up, and he works great! Got it checked up, cleaned up, and its sold! Enjoy your radio! I’m in a terrible location for picking up AM stations (until I can get my ham antennas up!) […]

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Hallicrafters 5R10A

SOLD - Hallicrafters 5R10A

SOLD This gem I restored a long time ago. I remember having issues with one tube, the thing would just squeal like a pig stuck under a door. (or something I don’t know.) I listed this on the Etsy store, just to reserve the name and have there be *something* there. A few weeks later […]

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